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Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Friday!

I ran through my visits yesterday - it was tough going since I started out in PA and ended up in WV -I put 156 miles on my car doing 5 patients. I've got one today (it's my half day) and then plan on spending time in the office tying things up. When I got home yesterday I had Jackson help me carry my medical supplies in the house since I won't be taking them to LI. I packed, located the Father's day gifts (I find it's more of a surprise if I hand them out in August...),did a last load of wash, etc. We went out to dinner last night to Cheddars - we got there around 5pm and got in right away. That's one of the most popular restaurants and it doesn't matter what day it is -there's always a line.I was glad we ate early because when we left there were about 50 people outside waiting to come in - and it was only 6 o'clock! Jackson still isn't packed - he probably plans on it when I'm at work but that means I'll come home to enough luggage for him to move out. It's often hard to impress upon him that chances are good he won't need the 3 game systems, his entire collection of CD's, etc...I've learned from past experience that you usually get too busy to do any of that stuff. We'll most likely stay in PA tonight and drive the rest in the morning, we'll see how the traffic is and all. David should be busy all this week - he's starting to get to the point of fending off some jobs. This morning he was talking about the "wierdos" that he'd priced a job for and I told him just don't do it. It's a small job and the thing with wierdos is they tend to not want to pay for it but expect you will live up to whatever they've "envisioned". Following that, they'll proceed to call you for the next year and a half demanding you come back to rearrange the 6 inches of trim they paid you $30 for. Thanks, but no thanks.

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