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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

The Tempature's Rising

Isn't that the creepiest spider - and it is very big. I wish I could get a clear picture of it as the markings are strange, but that would involve opening the window and possible Physical Contact. Following that, would be Blood Curdling Screams  and Running Around Shrieking so the window stays firmly shut. I guess I'll just make due. Anyhoo, the temps are supposed to be going to the high nineties to possibly one hundred so I'm sure the pool will get a lot of use this week. Becky was over visiting yesterday and she and Jackson spent most of the afternoon in it splashing and floating around. I am so glad we have central air, it would be unbearable without it. The humidity around here is what's the real killer, a foggy haze hangs over at all times - the mornings are postively grey. Jackson interviewed for McDonald's yesterday and then helped David finish up the sunporch job. David's hanging doors next and then when it cools off he'll start the roofing job and the ongoing job at the professor's is still in the wings.This small job thing seems to be working out, he's starting to make the same money but doesn't have to worry about hiring anyone and his schedule is pretty flexible. I heard from Adam, he got turned down for his August vacation and is now shooting for mid-Sept or October - this of course puts me right back to square one since I'm faced with do I go home or do I continue saving my vacation? I guess I'll figure it out.

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