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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The People You Know

And here are all the pictures of who I saw - it's not everyone of course, sometimes I didn't have my camera, other days everyone skeddaddled when they saw me pull it out. The last picture is of Richard, one of my best friends in high school that over the years we've fallen out of touch due to, well, plenty of things. We never really had a big fight or anything, but there were quite a few years that we didn't see eye to eye and just drifted apart. I was coming back from town and driving  past the house I knew he'd bought when I turned around and went back - I was so glad I did.  Just as I pulled in the drive he came out of the house - it was like the past 20 or so years hadn't happened. We sat and talked on the porch for well over an hour - I got the grand tour of the victorian he's currently renovating. I'll post the pictures tomorrow - the only thing I forgot to take a picture of was the outside of the house. I'd forgotten how much I miss him sometimes. We also got up to see my cousin Amy and the new baby Alexander James - who I think should've been named Harlin Bobby Joe but there's no accounting for taste I suppose. He's very cute, has more hair than anyone I know and hopefully will forgive his parents for not naming him Harlin someday. Jackson enjoyed holding him except for the hollering part. I'm still cleaning the pool out - David considers pool maintenance running the pump for an hour and letting Pearl fetch the fox toy a million times. I've vacuumed, scrubbed, added chemicals, added MORE chemicals and will be repeating the process tomorrow. I was shocked at how easily alge grows and at how little someone notices it.

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