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Monday, January 8, 2007

Back Home

On Sunday we managed to get ourselves together and out the door to Philly before noon. We went to the Mutter's Museum,it's all full of medical "curiosities" which is a lovely way of saying you can see every type of lesion, deformity or absolute disgust-o thing a body can grow in one place. There were wax replicas done in minute detail (did you know people can grow horn-like protusions and there was an 82 year old woman that had an 8" horn sticking out of her forehead?) or better yet - the real deal stuffed in a jar! Whoo hoo, giant skeletons, siamese twins or my favorite, the "megla - colon" which is probably more fun to look at than to own. I was finally retrieved by Jackson because apparently some people can only look at that stuff so much. We decided to split up which lasted for half an hour until we got a frantic call from Adam - remember he lost his ATM card the other day for awhile? Well, he went to take out money and found he was negative $204 and he'd had over $900 the day before. If I didn't know him better I would've panicked but I had him call the bank - the airline had delayed posting thier charge for the ticket and Mr. Moneybags never questioned the excess moola. Hmm. So I gave him some cash and he ran off again, since he was now a House Monkey with Money. We went to Johnny Rocket's for lunch and then walked around a bit. As we strolled along coming toward us was a young woman and a vizsla! Even more hilarious was the dog's name was also Jackson so of course I had to get a picture before we headed back to Janet and Di's. We left early this morning, Janet and Di had to go to work so we were on the road by 7:30, the traffic was light and we got home a little after 12. Adam said this has been a great vacation, better than he even thought it would be. Pearl was very excited to see us all back and gave us the standard Flying Greetings.

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