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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Eek! I'm Sick!

And not only am I sick, but I was so sick I CALLED IN SICK! This is the first sick day I've taken in I don't know how long and it's first since I've worked at Interim. Well, I did take 3 hours of sick time a couple of months ago, but that was to take Charger to the vet's(have you noticed my boss is a bit flexible with me??). I woke up last night with a throat so sore I couldn't swollow and a monster of a headache - Jackson has been spewing microbes all week despite my staying as far away as I could without looking like The Bad Mom Of The Year. I got up around 4 am and found some cold medicine that didn't expire in the past decade but all that did was make my heart race and make me all thirsty. So I called in. Then I called in again around 9 am to arrange what I needed done and sent David into the office with some papers. I stayed in bed until almost 1 pm - Pearl is NOT a good healthcare worker as her efforts to make me feel better were actually a thinly disguised plot to make me get up so she could go out and chase sticks. And really, someone standing on your neck and sniffing deeply into your ears is not a fun thing when you aren't feeling well. Poor Mr. Lee also was also not feeling well today, she's had a cyst growing over one eye that's been getting progressively bigger - we'd been hesitant to have it removed due to her age and she's not exactly neurologically intact but it had gotten too big. So she's got a big shaved spot and above her eye is all stitches but it looks better than that grape looking thing. I'm working a half day tomorrow in Bridgeport but the half days are about to come to an end. I've been offered a promotion!! I'm going to be the visit case manager - I'll be doing visits half of the time and the other half I'll be in the office managing the paperwork, etc. Right now we're still shuffling and hiring so I'm sure I'll still be doing more visits than managing for awhile but that suits me fine as it gives me time to figure out what  I'm doing. I thought I would be making twice my salary but then David reminded me the government would still want thier cut, etc.. but I will be making a couple of hundred dollars more a week so I'm not complaining - Yarn Money!!


quiltsnroses said...

Oh oh--sounds like you are down for the count--don't you know Moms cannot get sick?  Even your pets are counting on you.  

Don't you hate that about "Uncle Sam"?  The more you make, the more he takes.  What really annoys me is when you work overtime, he takes even more, like he earned it.  NOT!  

Get some good drugs (legal ones of course), stay warm, get lots of rest, let your family pamper you and feel better soon.

jennerizer said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!