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Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Has Arrived.

We got our first real snow yesterday, all of the sudden it was everywhere you looked! We had planned on going into town, which we did but it was not the smartest of decisions we've made this week. The roads were slippery, but by the time we found a place to turn around we were almost there so continued on, never getting above 30 mph. The worst was when  we got back to our road - which is pretty steep. David got about half way up when the truck started sliding backwards, I can't tell you how scary that was - he hit the gas and we barely made it - and I do mean barely. You could smell the tires they were so hot and he told us when we got back to the house he'd had the pedal to the floor the entire time. Needless to say we spent the rest of the day indoors. I'm still sick this morning but it's managable - I can't take anymore cold medication though since I hit my threshold last night of Side Effects. I have yet to find a medication that doesn't give me tachycardia or insomnia. Mr. Lee is feeling better, the swelling is down and she's starting to look more like herself. David threw that collar out, she managed to wiggle out of it halfway home despite still being under the effects of anesthesia and has flatly refused to put it back on. I told her that since we'd paid $12 for it according to the bill she should at least wear it for a little while but she let us know we were the idiots that paid for it, not her and we could wear it if we wanted to get our money's worth. It's rather annoying that someone who weighs 7 lbs can always win the arguement. I'm off to work this morning, Jackson has a two hour delay which usually turns into a cancellation so he's still in bed, the weasel.

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