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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Call Rotation

Yesterday was my first day back to work after vacation, this of course excludes the hour of phone calls on Thursday tracking down the medications and getting (and arguing) the amount of authorization I would need for my infusion. One of the things I've started doing for my job is getting auth which means when you do a visit, you need permission from the insurance company to do it. Their goal is to give you as little as possible - so it's sort of like flea market haggling but over the phone. If you're not careful you can lose a lot of money - for example they're always trying to give me 2 hours of auth for a 2 hour infusion, but I have to get 3 hours since there is an IV to start, etc so we haggle away. It's actually sort of fun in weird way if you have time for it. Anyhoo, I managed to get a walk in yesterday before making a Guest Star Appearance at work, yesterday was technically a "half day" but there were two infusions out in PA so I sucked it up. I came into work to see about 100 emails, sigh - but most were not directed at me - unsigh. I saw the nurse that quit, not so bad as she'll still be doing per diem for us. We hashed out the scheduling for next week, I finished up the paperwork I needed, and was out the door by 9:20 only to be back in the door by 9:25 as I had left the new patient's paperwork up on my desk. I've got two jobs to do this weekend so far but it's raining and after being on vacation for two weeks I sort of done with sitting around and stuff. It's supposed to rain all weekend, so there'll be time for that. David has been working on the house this past week, he took time off when Adam came home so he's busy finishing up some projects that he'd started in the fall. We've pretty much decided when Jackson graduates we'll put the house on the market, it's really way too big for the three of us and the 6 acres of yard have become nightmarish in the summer for David. David's on the fence about selling the two acres down front so the real estate agent is coming over on Thursday to reassess and advise him. After that we'll be looking for a much smaller house and a VERY SMALL YARD as per the person who has to do the mowing.

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