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Thursday, January 4, 2007

We're off to Pennsylvania today!

We'll be leaving for Pa today around 1 pm, I'm taking Jackson out of school just a little early so we can get there around dinner time. Both of them are very happy to be visiting Aunt Janet and Aunt Diane. The picture is my latest project, it's a Princess hat and all I have to do (aside from finish drying it) is add the pink scarf and it's done. It's for one of my pediatric patients who enjoys greeting me on occasion dressed as a princess to have her blood drawn - she has a permenent access so the only thing that concerns her is we don't get blood on the dress. So I thought knitting and felting a princess hat for her would be appropriate. We picked Adam up at the hotel yesterday, a bit worse for wear but he had a very good time. This is a college town after all and most of the population is his age so he found some people to hang around with. Yesterday he spent the remainder of the day just lolling about, eating all of my food and reading comic books. Pearl and I will probably go for another walk today if I have time before we go, she did wonderful yesterday. I've been writing to a trainer in Maine (she has a website) and she made a few suggestions which we've been following. Pearl now wears a head collar instead of a choker for now - it pulls her mouth shut if she starts lunging at people and doesn't hurt her and the other thing we've been doing is she gets a treat when someone walks by. I didn't get it at first, why would I reward her for misbehaving? But the trainer said I should look at it from her viewpoint, everytime someone walks by I tighten the leash, I speak harshly to her ("Don't you jump) and I get upset, so in her world there must be something dangerous. So now we're using positive reinforcement and guess what - it's working!

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