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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

It Feels Like Monday

Yesterday we spent just doing stuff - that's the only hard part about Adam's trip home here, we don't have too many friends and no relatives in this area - and we certainly don't know anyone his age. So it is up to us to be the Entertainment Committee. So we took off for Cooper's Rock, I thought the main part might still be open to hikers as we'd read in the paper they had to rescue from one of the trails but it was closed. Only one path was open so we went down there a bit but it was no where near the overlook so we turned back. We headed off to Michael's (I had a coupon!) and then out to an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday which was very good and the service was better. One of the things we've noticed in the past few years is the wait persons new thing is to get the check on the table before you're barely finished with your meal, I've even had some get annoyed because we'll decide to have dessert and then they have to add it up again. But really, how am I supposed to decide if I'll be having dessert when I haven't even gotten halfway through with my meal? This waitress waited until we were really done before presenting us with the check and I have to admit it did make a difference. David made a fire when we got home and we had wine and cheese for the evening. Adam went to lay down for a little while and woke up after midnight - I think the jet lag finally caught up with him. Jackson is back to school today, I have to get him up in a minute which I'm sure he'll be thrilled about!

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quiltsnroses said...

Hi!  My name is Nancy, and I am writing from San Diego, CA.  What neat pictures with all the trees and fallen leaves.  Were they taken right after a rain?  It looks like it would smell really good there, too.  I know what you mean about waiters and waitresses being in a hurry.  My husband is a faster eater than I am and I hate it when they clear his plate and there I sit with my plate in front of me.  For some reason it always makes me feel like I am eating alone.  Also, because he finishes his drink before me, they will come back and refill his drink and not think to come back later to refill mine.  Grrr.  Have a good day!