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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

He Has Escaped Us

Yesterday Adam had me walk him around town so he could see where all the hot spots were. Then he asked me to drop him off in town around 5:30 which I did - and THEN he called to let us know he'd rented a hotel room so we wouldn't have to pick him up. He saw nothing wrong with this, his father on the other hand was not happy. I pointed out to David that thousands of college students land here and go out all night and do not wake up dead in a ditch. David responded by not really sleeping last night and lettingme know if anything happened it was on my head since I'd led him astray by taking him into to town in the first place. The bar Adam had his eye on was a typical bohemian style bar with an art show at 6 pm (I'm guessing poetry) and a live band starting at 7. It didn't look particulary dangerous nor sleezy, actually if I was Adam's age I probably would've gone too. Adam has David's phone and will call later not to mention I know where he's staying so it's not a big deal. The really funny thing is we know he's been travelling the world these past few years - he's gone out drinking in Thailand, India, Africa, China and I'm sure those places are bit more dangerous than West Virginia, but I guess the difference is we can't see him and as they say, ignorance is bliss. Adam was wondering why we act this way, after all he's been out of the house since high school and he's 23, but I did explain to him that no matter how old he gets, he'll always be 15 for me.

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quiltsnroses said...

The parenting instinct just comes out sometimes no matter how old our children are.  I just got scolded by my daughter who is 39 and has children of her own because I cautioned her about crossing a busy street--"I'm not a little kid, Mom, I think I can make my own judgements about crossing a street."  Whoops, I didn't mean to insult her.  Once a Mom, always a Mom.  Nancy