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Friday, January 5, 2007

You'll Have To Use Your Imagination

Since I'm a GUEST (haha that's right, someone does like me enough to let me in thier house) there will be no pictures so you'll just have to imagine the luxury and grandour of Pennsylvania which is only slightly swankier than WV.We made very good time yesterday, we sprung Jackson from the institution around 1-ish faking an appointment (well, we actually used the old "don't ask don't tell policy"), horsed down some Burger King and hit the road. Jackson drove for the first 140 miles, he can only go between 75 and 80 as he's on a permit which makes him the occasional Pouty Driver. I took over after the Cumberland Gap and we blew the amish skirts  up as we rolled into town around 5:30 or so.  There was a fake amish horse and wagon at the gas station and Jackson refused to let me take his picture in it, since he's still loaded from Christmas and his birthday he's not bribe-able for awhile. We did the King of Prussia mall today, the boys went off by themselves and we did Eddie Bauers, Bath and Body,etc.. Right before we left there was a flurry of panic as Adam had lost his ATM card which sucked ALOT as his bank is in Virginia and his mailing address is in Japan. We backtracked - no luck and then stopped at customer serivce to see what he should do. One phone call and we were down the hall to the security office, someone had found it and turned it in right away. That ratfink Adam is the luckiest person I know. So right now we're hanging out and the boys are playing video games, it's been raining all day but we don't care, it's fun just being here.

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