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Saturday, January 27, 2007

DAY 1049: I Am Still Sick.

I was relieved to see they'd plowed the road after our last snow, But our driveway IS the end of the road which would be where they deposited the large pile of snow. I called David from the car (whatever did we do before cell phones?)and asked him to bring the truck down. He said maybe I should try to drive over it - I told him he could either bring the truck down or the shovel for when I got stuck so he opted for the truck. I'm still on antibiotics and reeking of O-de - Vicks Vaporub at all times (which is not as Hot and Sexy as say, reeking of Axe as the teenage portion of our family does most days, but it works for me) but I'm finally beginning to feel better. I can't remember the last time I was this sick, usually for me it's a 14 hour affair at the most. The coughing and congestion have been the worst - that antibiotic must be working though as I haven't coughed up anything that would scare even the cat since yesterday. Speaking of cats, Mr. Lee is doing great - the swelling is way down and she gets the stitches out next week. I took Pearl out this morning and the temps are on the rise already, this would mean our yard will be a giant mudbath by 2 or so. On the other hand, it's already January 27th isn't it? I'm on call this weekend and have two admissions and two visits lined up which stinks but I'll be mailordering some boffo new yarn to make me feel better. I start my new position on Monday and we've convinced the other nurse to stay. When I was talking to her I offered her a toaster oven along with the changes the boss will make for her - I think offering small appliances helps sweeten the pot - so she's decided to give it another shot and Susan is buying her a coffee pot as she said she could use one of those more than a toaster oven. I'm so glad she's staying, we like her a lot and she is fun to work with.

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