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Sunday, January 7, 2007

What A Beautiful Day

This is totally weird without pictures, isn't it? I think when I get home I can add them in so you'll all have to patient. I went walking yesterday morning, I have to admit it's a bit harder to do any signifcant walking here, there are no sidewalks or shoulders on the road so you really have to step carefully. I walked a bit down route 30 to the next housing development and did some tramping about there - all the new developments have sidewalks. When I got back I went to move my car to the parking lot - and it wouldn't start! One of the kids I suspect had left the interior light on and killed my battery so it wasn't too tramatic, but you know when you're not home it's always a bit more stressful especially since we have a 300 mile trek to do tomorrow. I've got AAA and Janet suggested we call when we get home since we were eating in. Adam had fun the other night out in Westchester, he found a live punk rock band playing, he said they weren't that good but he hung out with them after thier set and discussed all the bands they knew. Janet and Di picked him up around 3am and we didn't really get moving until 11 - everyone was slugging along. We didn't do too much, Janet took us to Barnes and Nobles, we had lunch at this great place called Appetizers On The Main and then to Lacaster to Reading Glass and China - I was VERY disappointed. I loved that store, you could get all sorts of housewares and glasses, etc at a fairly reasonable price, but Diane said they have new owners. All the prices were the same as Chef's Catalog which is the most expensive one you can order from, so I only got a few little dodads here and there. I figured there was no sense in carting all that stuff home if I could get it for less in WV. I called AAA wjhen we got home and they came pretty fast and got my car started. We had dinner in last night and watched movies, everyone is just getting up now. I poked my head out the door, the weather is still wonderful and I did start my car to check - when I get home I'm getting a new battery otherwise I'll be paranoid all the time.

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