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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tired Already

David got up first this morning, Pearl was gracious enough to let us sleep in til 5 AM and then that was enough - she started laying on everyone and waving her feet about. He let Claw and Vincent out and made the coffee, etc... At 5:30 he called up the stairs for me to come and look at Claw. She'd returned and was unable to keep her balance, she was staggering around the walk, crying. I picked her up gently and she started purring - I guess she was just relieved we came to get her because picking her up without Express And Definate Permission will get you a bite most days. When we brought her in and turned on the light, we also discovered she was having a great deal of involuntary eye movement to go along with the loss of balance. I found the number for the emergency vet out off of the  Prickett's Fort exit and called, they said to bring her in. So at 6:15 am this morning instead of watching old movies in bed and drinking coffee we were heading out with a very irate cat in a travel crate. And I might add though she was fairly distressed and off kilter she still managed to nail me a  couple of times while I was busy stuffing her fluffy butt in the crate. The vet took blood and examined her, they're keeping her for the rest of the day to give her fluids to flush her out in case she ate something toxic and to do a repeat glucose as it was pretty high. When he wanted to keep her a while longer the first thing I did was ask how much - I hate to be like that but I hate it worse getting surprised with a huge bill because I was too embarrassed to ask.  And EVERYONE has a price tag on them, the cat is no exception. So we'll have to see what the vet says, I was on the fence about leaving her as she was able to get around enough to get through the next day and we could've taken her to our regular vet. But on the other hand she could've also gotten much worse during the night and ended back up at the emergency vet, so I guess it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. All of the pets with the exception of Pearl and Vincent are getting on in years, even Mr. Lee is slowing down. With Copper and Charger gone things are quieter, Mr. Lee has grown quiet too, she sleeps a lot now, her hearing is not what it used to be. This year is a year of change, Adam is back, Jackson is getting ready to go, our much loved and fawned over family pets are growing older. We're talking about selling the house next year and perhaps moving to another community for good, I've gone from nurse to manager, Grandpa has had a major setback, on and on life goes. Adam had spoken about being out of the navy and having a nervous feeling in his stomach all the time, feeling like home was no longer home and not sure where he belonged anymore. I told him to wait it out and it gets better - you'll eventually find your place. But that's not entirely true as the place your in now can change or you can change and no longer belong there. I do understand what he talks about because lately I've been getting that "nervous feeling" in my stomach, not all the time, but enough to make me aware of it. Life is static and changes whether you like it or not I suppose, but I would - just for a little while - like to feel like everything is where it should be and so am I.

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