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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Enough With The Dog Already!

Too bad for you - my blog, my pictures, my dog - mine mine mine. Pearl is my respite after a hard day - she's such a pest and so amazingly wierd it's hard not to get sucked into her Universe Of Bizarre Behavior. The pool is great fun of course, lately I've been training her to keep away while I swim. I don't mind her in while I'm swimming but I do mind her attempts at rescue, and very poor attempts at that. They tend to involve her swimming right at me, a look of Determined Insanity as she barrels right over me and pushes me under. Somedays I think she might have an insurance policy on me - but she's improved and I actually got to enjoy the pool without having to avoid my Rescuer.. Work has been as you might have guessed very stressful lately. Our part time nurse is quitting in two weeks which leaves me holding the bag again. And worst of all - our business has picked up, we're getting patients all over the place and more coming. We've been getting more peds and cancer patients, both of which need extra time and phone calling - and then there's the oncology peds - they're a job in themselves!! Thank goodness I decided to go ahead and do my Monday visits or we would've been really stuck. The weather has been getting pretty hot, it was in the 80's today so I turned on the air as soon as I got home. We had a little bit of rain but not the thunderstorms they've predicted and then after that it was sun sun sun! I hope we continue the trend as I'm off for real this coming weekend!

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mosie1944 said...

Dogs are the best subjects for journal entries!  Our newly-added member of the family, Annie, loves to swim in our little pond, and yesterday she tried very hard to coax Sadie to join her.  I do NOT want Sadie swimming in that rank pond.  She's an inside dog!