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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Avacados Shall Never Darken My Doorstep Again

I bought a bag of avacados at Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago - I mean I LOVE guacamole so there must be so much more you can do with them, right? WRONG. They have been lying on the counter in a green mesh bag for a week looking all mysterious  and lumpy. I finally moved them to the refridgerator because they were not only going soft, but were making me feel guilty. I looked for recipes and found them, they could be divided into two classes - A) 10 ingredients I don't have and B) 10 ingredients I wouldn't eat if I was blind drunk and in a coma. So this morning I decided to make guacamole - I peeled them which was not an easy task as they are quite ripe and slippery. So after chasing avacados around the kitchen(FYI - rinsing them makes it worse if you can imagine that!) I flipped them in the blender and hit liquify. They did not. I mashed them down and did On again. They still did not. I mashed them down while the blender was running and then spent 5 minutes trying to find the part of the spoon that got Liquified. David told me if I maimed myself on one more kitchen applience they would all go out the door. I stirred in some garlic and sour cream and then it did liquify. So the good news is it's all smooth a creamy. The bad news is I spent most of morning making something that tastes like Green Crap and I have a lot of it. And to boot I can buy the stuff I like for $4. Guacamole anyone?


inquestoftruth said...

This sounds like something I would have done!   lol  

magran42 said...

LOL...I'm getting too old to try this stuff myself.  I'll just go to the store..thank you!