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Friday, February 29, 2008

Times They Are A-Changing

We've had all sorts of things going on - Jackson is currently in Pittsburgh with the navy, he took his ASVAB and scored a 70 which is very good and is doing the medical part today which he was actually more nervous about. They had a heck of a time completing the forms, I was getting all sorts of calls from both him and David while I was out driving yesterday morning and then while I was sitting in the waiting room at the surgeon's. Good thing they'd cancelled school so he had plenty of time before they left for Pittsburgh. He  called us from the facility last night and was having a good time despite being nervous. And yes, I finally did see the surgeon who does feel the hernia needs repair in the near future. It's not an emergency so I'll probably have it done mid-April, we have to get through David's stuff first as his basal cell cancer has come back so he has to have it removed again and this time the doctor will be whacking off a big chunk. That's the first of April so I think anytime after that. It's not going to be a huge deal since the hernia itself isn't overly large or in a bad spot, but I will be out of work for a couple of weeks. Adam is flying here in a couple of weeks! Whoo hoo, that should be very fun even though I can't take off too much time it will be nice to see him before he goes floating off too. I am now waiting for spring, I am so tired of snow, rain, mud, snow, rain, mud, etc..... I keep wanting to have my car washed but it will be a lost cause at this point in time..

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