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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Uni-Sock

I finally finished the first sock and even managed to perform the Kistchner Stitch to graft the toe closed since it's a cuff down sock as opposed to a toe up. David tried it on and it really does fit so I started the second one last night much to Pearl's dismay. She would prefer we spend ALL of our time (except when we're snoozing in bed) outside running around and harrassing things. We found some snakes in an old fence post hole yesterday, I'll post the pictures tomorrow. The weekend passed fairly quietly - and nicely - except that we heard from Ray and he's been having some health issues lately. David is planning on making a trip to NJ this weekend to see what's going on with him. The computer has been behaving  better so we'll take it in next week, David suspects it might actually been the keyboard that was causing the problems, not to mention the cable. The cable guy is coming today to see what's up with that, we can't get any channels over 98 which in itself is a bit silly - I think we had THREE when I was kid, now I'm whining because I "only" have 98...... and then we have to get new phones because ours pooped out last week and we just haven't gotten to it. David hooked up the "emergency" phone which is $7 phone with a cord that makes me feel like I'm back in high school when I use it. I guess looking at this post this just might be National Malfunction Week.....

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