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Saturday, February 16, 2008

House Of Cards

One of the reasons you should avoid going to the doctor is they always manage to find something and then it just snowballs.I tend to drag on forever until it gets to the point I have to go, but on the other hand then I feel I've gotten my money's worth. Medically speaking it's been an interesting week - I have to reschedule  with the surgeon as she was sick the day of my appointment. It's no emergency so no rush - in the event it needs fixed I wasn't planning on having it done til April - or so. The other thing I had done was bloodwork which the initial labs came back all ok. But last night I got a call that my thyroid panel needs to be redrawn for a definate diagnosis as it came back very low. I wasn't surprised as that was one of the reasons I went in the first place. One of the advantages of being a nurse is when you go to the doctor's they ask you specifically what you would like done as they are fully aware we never grace thier doorstep without a good reason. So I sat and gave my Wish List and he added a few things to it. So I'll have it done again next week - my poor arm, not only did I have bloodwork but we have a new nurse and she did a practice draw on that arm the other day. I have one of the best veins in the universe in my right arm, EVERYONE loves it. It's especially wonderful for newbies as you cannot miss it and it tends to inspire a great deal of confidence but office nurses like it too because there is no fuss and bother. I'm oncall this weekend - I had a bit of a blowup with the manager of the other office I'm covering. She signed me up for yet another insane visit and I called her back - she's upset with me but I told her our office would never dream of doing that to one of her nurses - the admission she accepted is a TWO HOUR DRIVE from my house -ONE WAY! And I pointed out what if they had a problem and I had to go back the next day? She found someone else to do it, but boy is she mad! I told our office if the boss wants to fire me fine, I'll leave if this continues anyhow - that's completely crazy.

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