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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Perfection That Is Claw

I have no idea why we end up with one token Nasty Cat at all times. Before Claw came on the scene we had Mitzi who began her career as Completely Evil at the age of 6 weeks. Her first victim was my friend Nancy from England - Nancy picked her tiny kitten self up and just as she declared "How cute!" Mitzi sank her tiny kitten teeth right into her hand. I finally had to have her put to sleep when she was about 8 years old and so out of control even I couldn't handle her anymore - I still have scars from her. Claw is not really in the same class, but she has her moments - she was sitting on the couch with me last night and (she does this all the time) for no reason just started randomly hissing and darted off the couch. We've come to the conclusion that she just hates everyone. In other news Pearl and I continue to spy on the snakes in the fence post hole few times a week to see how it's going. And no, I haven't tried to pick them up as I don't know what they are - I'm pretty sure they are NOT Black snakes, Northern Pacific or Garters (they are way too big to be Garters) so I'm leaving them be for now, they're most likely hibernating and will be gone in the spring. We had snow as you can see from the pictures but it's melted so now we're back to cold and clammy mud - how delightful. I'm currently working on sock #2 which so far resembles sock #1, - more or less. Fortunately David will have a Moral Obligation to wear them as I made them myself. I finally went to the Walmart off of exit one and was glad I did - the clearance aisle is FULL of yarn and you have to sort through it -even I can't come up with a suitable project for neon green and orange yarn - but I did find 10 skeins of Lion brand Microfiber yarn for a dollar apiece - it usually costs $5 so it's all mine quite naturally. I will be sneaking back there during the week. I have a doctor's appointment for Tuesday FINALLY after all this yammering about how I have to go for the past two years - I made myself make the appointment  - sometimes that's the hardest part. David didn't end up going to Ray's quite yet, the skin biopsy came back negative so he's calmed down but David will be going to see him in a few weeks when we can plan it better.

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