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Friday, February 1, 2008

Knitting My Life Away

I finally finished the Dropped Daisy Baby Hat last night and got all the petals of the flower sewn on - I showed it to David and Jackson and they knew what it was supposed to be, so it passed. As I was finishing up the hat I could feel that ugly sock glaring at me from inside the knitting bag. I tend to be a One Project Woman and having two just makes me crazy. I know quite a few knitters that keep a running group of UFO's (UnFinished Objects) but I just can't - I have to finish it or frog it, but I can't just leave it. Last night at work was upsetting, I got a call around 5 pm that I would have to go to the Clarksburg's area and admit an infusion patient, and they didn't know when the patient would be coming home. I've had a pretty crazy work week - you know how that goes, Monday goes bad and then the rest of the week is just a runaway train and yesterday was no exception - so I just lost it. We're only supposed to be oncall for things that cannot be handled during business hours and instead of telling the hospital no, the office accepted it despite the fact they knew I would have to drive over 100 miles round trip, in the dark in an unfamilar place - that was just stupid. Our office wouldn't have accepted that - it ended up working out and I didn't have to go but I told Susan the next time I AM resigning as this oncall nonsense has completely gotten out of control. David is going to be bringing the computer in to be worked on, it's not doing anything overly bad but I think it needs to looked at and cleaned up. Best Buy still sucks - David called and the tech told him 5 to 7 days and he couldn't guarentee that - doesn't the commercial guarentee 3 days? They are so awful and don't even try customer service, I think they're motto is the We Don't Care About Our Customers. David will be calling around to find somewhere else to go, he should know better after our last experience we had with them. I don't know about other Best Buys but really the one here is slow and rude to put it mildly. In other news however Lantern Moon came through - boy was I shocked! I got a FULL set of replacement needles in the mail yesterday so now I have the set plus 3 spare in case they break - whoo hoo bonus! So they will get a nice letter.

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