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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

On the weather front we were supposed to have more snow but it has warmed up and we are currently having what is commonly known as "rain". I'm hoping the Channel Twelve Weather Team becomes familar with the difference in some point in time (although they did sneaky change thier predictions and then act like that's what they said in the first place). Vincent is down here being a Sneaky Cat, rubbing on my pant leg like he loves me but we both know he's actually trying to dry himself off. I went to the doctor's yesterday for my check up, I took my knitting with me and was halfway through a stitch when the nurse stuck her head out and called my name - then she called it AGAIN  but sort of crabby and didn't seem to care at all about sock #2 or where I was stitch wise. The good thing about here is you don't wait for hours to see the doctor but when they call you - you'd better have your running shoes on! I had bloodwork done and a referral for surgeon for an evalution (I have a small hernia that has gotten worse in the past few months) but other than that I'm in good shape. I went to Dr. Carey because all of his patients speak very highly of him - the nice thing about being a home care nurse is you know who to go to - and who to avoid!!

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