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Monday, February 11, 2008

When The Wind Blows

The wind sounded like a train all day yesterday, howling down our chimney and sweeping through the breezeway. All of the trees were swinging wildly - since we've had a lot of rain and snow it gets a bit nervewracking as trees uproot pretty easily in those conditions and the ones around the house are at least 30 to 40 feet tall. Pearl insisted on going outside of course, the only thing that was mildly amusing was I could pitch the rubber frog pretty far with the strong winds. I made her come in finally before her ears blew off entirely!! Jackson has yet another cold - this seems to be his year for them. His room stinks of Vicks, but he seems to be getting better so we can skip the trip to the doctor I suppose. David and I went to a wake in Mannington last night, Susan's Grandfather passed away very suddenly on Friday - I couldn't believe it at all. I can't make the funeral on Tuesday but we went to the wake last night and I met quite a few more of Susan's relatives - it's going to be a huge affair I think. We got there about half an hour after it started and the parking lot was already full - when we left around 7:30 people were still streaming in. Her family set up a lot of pictures spanning his life and had a family album which was really nice - I never really realized how much her Dad looked like her grandfather until I saw the picture of them standing together. There was a picture of the family farm that's been in the family for generations - it was just very nice.

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