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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here's Mud In Your Eye

Given the current state of the ground I've been wearing my clog collection for the past week. We've had rain, snow, warm,cold, etc and what that all adds up to is an amazing amount of mud. For my older patients, especially of the farming and coal mining variety, the absolute worst thing you can do is track mud in the house. One little footprint will put you in dutch immediately so when the ground gets muddy the clogs come out too. Jackson has been fooling around with the navy and encountered the arch enemy of adulthood, the Dreaded Standard Form in which they expect you to remember every address you've ever lived at, every school attended including dates and years. He was making a lot of noise last night and David did the big cop out by stating "your much better at that!" - grrh! He has to hand it in by Friday so we'll see what happens. I sympathize with him, what I have in my work folder is an old application that I filled out and I take it with me on any and all interviews - it's all the same information anyhow and that way I have it. Speaking of which the new nurse we hired is probably not going to make it, a facility called our office checking her references - someone is not too smart on that subject. Everyone knows when you're getting ready to bail you do NOT give your current employer as a reference unless they're aware you're going to leave. Of course that makes it hard for me because she's still orientating and now I feel like it's a waste of time - why do all this work for someone who probably won't be staying? How annnoying is that.

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mosie1944 said...

Oh, we have the mud here too.  It's AWFUL!