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Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Moment Of Zen

I'm planning on doing little to nothing today - I cleaned yesterday and got rid of some more stuff and have some paperwork later, but that's about it. The shower was fun yesterday, I met Susan at the office parking lot and we drove over to Rock Forge together - Susan wasn't sure where the church was but I pointed out that since Rock Forge is about 60 x 30 feet there couldn't be too many churches. It was right on rt 7 and we met Theresa and Jessica there. My hat went over well and everyone even knew what it was supposed to be, whoo hoo - I also gave a gift certificate since I figured Nicole would get a lot of stuff and that way she could buy whatever she didn't get. When I got home David had hooked up the old keyboard to the computer, opps! Word to the wise - do NOT spray cleaning stuff all over your keyboard even if it really really needs it. I did point out to David it was Spanky Clean but he pointed out it was Defunct so the spanky clean-ness was not so impressive. Ack! I'm letting Jackson have the car to toodle around in today, he has decided not to get one of his own since he's planning on the navy midsummer but we have him take the car when available as I don't want him to lose that skill. Speaking of the navy, we heard from Adam, the House Monkey and he is re-enlisted, they haven't given him a definate date yet but the recruiter said either mid-February to March - regardless he is excited to get back in. So we will have a bunch of navy boys come summer. In other news I wrote an email to Best Buys Customer service 3 days ago asking why it takes so long for them to repair a computer despite thier ad stating it only takes 3 days - I got a computer generated email telling me "due to the high number of emails to the customer service center there would be a delay in response" - in other words they have so many customer complaints they can't even get to them!

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