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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow. Again. Yipee

They're  predicting 3 to 5 inches today and of course this is the day I have to drive to the moon and back. In other news, I got called from the doctor's office and my thyroid panel came back normal  this time so I am just Terminally Tired I suppose. I  know a lot of it is my  sleeping -  or lack thereof. I did try to stay in bed  longer this morning but to no avail, I was a clock watcher from 3:30 on and of course if Pearl even suspects you might be awake, you're done. I was supposed to be taking the new orientee to my visits today, but she called off - hmm, that is never a good sign when they call off in the first three weeks. The other thing on the boards of course is the house, David and I are now talking about maybe waiting another year before we decide anything - once Jackson is out of school and off doing whatever he plans on doing, we'll be able to take the time and make a better decision about what we'll eventually be doing. That probably has a lot to do with my not sleeping - all this worry! And then to top it off Miss Pants decided to go into heat this week - she is a total brat.

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