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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Weekend Is Never Long Enough

Yesterday I just laid around except for making a run to Michael's for some yarn. I did consider AC Moores but the weather was so iffy at that point I decided against it - it had started with the snow/rain/sleet crap again and the highway was no place to be. You would think with all the yarn squirreled away I would just have what I needed but after ransacking my stash there was nothing that even came close to fitting the bill. Michael's  not only had the yarn I needed - but it was on clearance which I pointed out to the Yarn Hater. He shot that down immediately by pointing out something was ALWAYS on clearance, such a wet blanket he is!Jackson stayed over Becky's - they were going to some late event last night so I stayed on the couch, knitted and watched Dr. Who and Torchwood. Pearl is of course still in heat and we have EVERYTHING covered (yucko is all I have to say on that subject!!) - the breeder emailed us yesterday and apparently there was some stuff we had needed to do if we wanted to breed her so that probably won't happen for awhile yet. She'd tried to call but the phones were out most of the day yesterday, there was a scheduled outage and we would have known that had we been paying attention. But it wasn't too cold yesterday and we have a kerosene heater plus the fireplace so  no one was suffering. Around here they do scheduled maintenence - they'll turn off the water or electric  for repairs and that takes some getting used to - they actually will turn off entire towns and neighborhoods for hours at a time. Anyhoo, back to Pearl - Cathy said we can use her Vizlsa that she had flown in from Hungary when we're ready so that base is covered. We are planning on breeding her at least once - and then after that we'll have her fixed -this stuff is for the birds!!

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magran42 said...

Sorta like camping out huh?