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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Tired Valentine

We were awoken at 2 am this morning by Pearl being MIA - since she usually sneaks up and hogs the  pillows you do notice when she's not there. We found her cowering under the bed and coaxed her up,she couldn't stop shaking.We tried to figure out what was wrong - seizures? Did she eat something? Was she sick? Was the battery low in the downstairs fire alarm and chirping every 5 minutes thereby scaring the nonsense out of the dog? It was the latter which I discovered around 3:30 when I went to take her out and it chirped as we went by  and she freaked. I have absolutely no idea, that would be the Mystery Of Pearl. So at 3:40 am this morning David replaced the battery and all was well in the demented world of vizslas - to think we paid big money for this!! Work was ok, I had the orientee with me for half a day, had an unexpected visit and then back home. David surprised me with a new wedding ring! - and a matching ring on top - it's really pretty. He also gave me a box of candy which he took away from me a few minutes ago before I ate enough to barf and we went out to dinner too! Whoo hoo is all I have to say. Jackson is with Becky of course - David just went to get him and I am here with Pearl and silent fire alarm.


inquestoftruth said...

Poor puppy!

kath1996 said...

Bella (aka the emperess of the universe) freaks when the smoke alarm chirps, it rains, it thunders, Ken does anything with the electricity, the microwave beeps, an airplane flies over the house, and just this week she started freaking out when it started to snow.  Sensitive little thing isn't she?