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Monday, February 18, 2008

Waiting For The Other Shoe

It was a quiet weekend for being on call - the one admit I was supposed to do didn't come out of the hospital so that is on the boards for today. On Saturday we were driving by the doctor's office and I noticed they were open so we stopped in and I had my blood redrawn - they should have the results by Wed or Friday even though I would like to know NOW. I did nothing yesterday, I was so tired all day I just pretty much stayed on the couch and slept on and off - the tiredness is not an all the time thing which makes me wonder if it's really a physical thing or I just don't get enough sleep. We get up at 4 am every morning - I hadn't been able to sleep past then so over time I've gradually rearranged my schedule. I figured if I couldn't sleep I could do other stuff like exercise, paperwork, etc instead of just lying there awake. Now it's routine and if I don't get up then I don't get everything done so I bounce out of bed like I'm catching a plane every morning zipping around, even though I know if I DIDN'T get up the world wouldn't end, it would just happen later. Oh what we do to ourselves. The real estate is coming today to look at the house and review the game plan - we are trying to come up with one ourselves since SOMEONE has not figured out where he wishes to be and I refuse to do anything until there is something in mind. That nightmare move from WV to PA when we had to move in under a month with no where to go will stick with me forever. Jackson is off from school today so he can help David straighten up the house - I did some this weekend and have been every weekend tackling one big job at  a time but we do need to start moving.

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