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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winter continues, I feel a little silly buying Halloween candy while outside it looks like we need a string of christmas lights and holly. I let the cats out for a little while this morning, we are going to try letting them out early before we go to work for the winter. I can't see having them stay out all day, at least not during the cold weather and them still being fairly unfamilar with the area. Ray is coming out this weekend but on Saturday as he worries about his house during Halloween. Back to work was a bit of a march, but if you take a week off it always is. My laptop sits next to my desk collecting dust at the moment but that will change in a few months after they get on the new system. David did return the generator yesterday, it just wasn't worth it as the reason we needed it (the well) was the one thing we can't use it for. We'll just buy some more plastic containers and keep them filled as according to EVERYONE around here it's not unusual for the outlying areas to be without power during the winter for hours on end. David was talking to Cecil back in WV about it yesterday and he said Bertha was in the back yelling "you can come home now" - some days I still wish I could.

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