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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gas Light

Pearl had the most horrific gas last night, David demanded she leave the room. She got so upset she hid under the bed and continued to break wind, the only improvement there was a 20 second delay between sound and smell. David's next line of defense was to sneak out of the room and go sleep in the guest room leaving me holding the (wind) bag. Bastards. I'm leaving in a little while to admit that patient I hope - I haven't heard from them so my luck they will want to wait until this afternoon or something thereby wasting my whole day. The weather has FINALLY cleared up, this morning was wonderful,  I sat out and knit while Puttering Pearl gassed the local wildlife. Ray should be here later on this morning - he and David will most likely goof around for the day. I'm not sure if they're going to visit Roman or not - his new activity is smoking meat and he's forever scouting around for various kinds of wood lately. Ray has had a tiny bit of issue with Roman after he cheerfully announced one afternoon he doesn't particularly like Poles as "they steal everything" - we usually remind Ray of this at least once a visit.  We are good hosts. The shawl I've started knitting is rolling right along, I have the base more than halfway done, at this point it's an easy knit while watching TV, the complicated part is a bit down the road. I'm oncall again this weekend, I think next week will be easier, we will have plenty of staff which is a relief to the Sole Survivor.

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