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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Musings

Did you ever go through a period when everything seems, well, stupid? Books are the same old, just different characters in different settings, one day just races into another, what are you doing? Work is on and on, dinner is dinner, nothing great on that score. Cookbooks - vegetarian ones are the greatest offenders. I mean who has ghee, coriander seeds or a teaspoon of tahini paste on the top shelf for crying out loud? Never less than 15 ingredients and when you're done, either you don't recognize it - or you don't want to. The dog goes in, the dog goes out. TV? Same as the books, what's the point, what's the interest? I have managed to enjoy some of  the weekend between the work phone ringing and the paperwork piling up, even though it's the weekend. Nothing is easy. We went to Stroudsburg today, Ray and I had coupons so we saved money again, went to look at a few houses, ouch! No wonder nothing is selling. We did see one house we liked, little brick place for sale by owner, they can keep it. If I'm spending $300,000 0n a house it had better be off the road, have a pool and updated in the past 30 years.  Dinner will be out and David isn't working tomorrow so he said he'd do the grocery shopping, food is too much money. "Farm fresh' is off the charts cost wise, a zucchini is a zucchini, isn't it? Running running. Knitting is still fun, love that and always will - rolling along with the shawl.  Great to see Ray, so glad he's close to see us more. Fourth of July this weekend, hate it, can't stand the noise. No breaks, no time.

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