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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sun Came Back.

It finally stopped raining the other day, it could be a little warmer but I'm not complaining. Much. I was watching Ghoulies last night, one of my favorite 80's B Movies - you know all the songs sound vaguely familiar because they couldn't afford anyone recognizable for the sound track, the actors are no one you would know and you'll probably never see again. My favorite is the robes for the Evil Ritual which are made out of polyester and taffeta with the Generic Mysterious Symbol pasted on the front. I seriously wished I owned one. I'm almost done with the second sock and then it will be on to the next project - I have an idea in mind but have not quite decided. Office-wise I'm spending more time in East Stroudsburg, so much to keep track of! David is busy with his job, he likes the job and isn't too crazy about the paycheck, but as far as I'm concerned this is a starting point and a resume builder not to mention when we eventually move he'll have to find another one anyway.  But that is at a standstill these days, we have stopped looking for a house for now out that way due to the fact no houses are selling at the moment and quite frankly, we have found nothing we like - the one we did fell through and we had a few scary moments in which they were not giving our down payment back, I have no desire to repeat that experience. I have to catch up with our new physical therapist today and see how she made out - she's new to the area and when I called the patient to ask him a question he told me our mutual friend was lost again.  I truly sympathize with her as I clearly remember when we moved to WV and I spent most of my free time sitting under the bridge in downtown Morgantown hysterically wondering how I ended up there. I also orientated the new nurse yesterday and she will be orientating with our other nurse up in Stroudsburg today. I suppose I should get up. 

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