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Friday, June 26, 2009

On And On

What a week. I could have dealt with my co-worker leaving with no notice. I could have dealt with ALL the nurses on vacation this week. Both at once was a trick and a half. Not to mention mopping up all the things that were not done by others, nor were they mentioned before departing. The staff at Pittston helped where they could, the financial office co-ordinated and went the extra mile and in the end all the patients were seen, the bills were paid and the timesheets were done. I have a patient to admit tomorrow but hopefully that will be it.  I did enjoy doing visits, I miss it sometimes but it would have been more fun had I not been also manning the office at the same time. I had to laugh because Georgia asked me if I had staffed a patient and I just looked at her and said " I AM the staff!" Ray is coming out tomorrow so he and David will have to amuse themselves for the day. David has put in a long week too so he's ready to relax. In other news Pearl developed a lump under her front leg - it was mobile but David took her to the vet's just to make sure . The vet didn't think it was much either but thought it might want to come off - the estimate was FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Ack!! But when we looked at it this morning it is much deflated and looking better so I guess we'll be owing Pearl some money.  My feet are up though for the moment and Bones is on the TV so I guess I'll relax - for the moment

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