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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Socks. Done.

Yes the socks are done, thank you for asking! They've actually been done for a few days now but given the way my week is going I haven't had time to post the pictures. They're already gone too, I mailed them out yesterday - now I'm working on a shawl which is a little complicated, but not much. I had wanted to go all out on this next project but I just don't have the time or attention span at this point in time. Work has gotten crazy, with the main person in my office leaving suddenly and all the nurses on vacation I've been frantically mopping up and racing around. We already have someone interviewing for the position (and he has experience!) and everyone will be back next week so this is just a bump in the road but it's a big one. So I'm just chugging along and hoping I make to Monday. David's work has picked up also so we have had to reshuffle things - we pretty much do all the errands and shopping on one day because by the time we get home it's late to start with, stopping at the store just makes it later. And since we both pack a lunch we have to make sure we have enough to make it to the end of the week. I'm still the ONLY person in the office that brings a lunch - I have thought about buying it as I don't think I save that much money but I know me. I won't like what they have, it will be too much of a bother and I'll put it off all afternoon and before you know it's time to go home. The dog maintains her petsitter, we have just resigned ourselves to that - it's an expense but I have to admit it's nice to walk in the door and not be torpedoed by the dog who's been trapped in the house all day. We've heard from Adam a few times via email, he's doing well and is out at sea for awhile.  I should start moving, I have a very busy day today - I just hope it doesn't get too busy over the weekend. 

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