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Monday, June 22, 2009

The People Under The Stairs

Due to all the rain we've had, I've moved some of our deck chairs, well, under the deck. It's the only dry place to sit outside so the dog can get some exercise and the rest of us can get fresh air. So I sit and read, the cats sit in the extra chairs or bounce around under the stairs and Pearl harasses the local wildlife.  The rain has been pretty much everyday, the sun makes occasional and rare appearances but for the most part our part of the universe is a soggy one indeed. I did end up working all weekend but it wasn't a total wash. On Saturday I was out near Milford and finally got to hit the yarn shop out there. Excellent! I got sock yarn imported from Australia and a few little skeins imported from Italy, not to mention a pair of rosewood needles to take for a spin someday. Sunday I was out again, but managed to finish up in good time and back home to go out shopping and take David to lunch for Father's Day. Both boys called - well, one emailed as he is currently shipped out but it was lovely of them to remember. Jackson will be heading back to WV in the next week or so to see Becky and then the following month he ships out for the long tour which, he is quite excited about.  We did our food shopping which we've gotten under control finally and then out to lunch. The rest of the afternoon we just pottered around and I spent part of the afternoon lurking under the deck again. It's a new and novel thing to do, but I hope the rain stops soon and we can sit in the sunshine again. 

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