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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Past Hump Day

Boy, I sure do have a lot of pictures from Washington, don't I? It sure beats the hell out of pictures around here, it is Crap-pi-o-so day in and day out. If it's not raining it just sits around looking like it might rain. Every once in awhile it clears up for like 10 minutes in order to raise hopes so we don't all dash ourselves against the rocks. I worked in Stroudsburg today - the ride there and back is a rather slow these days due to the deer lingering on the sides of the road. If you see one you slow down because they always travel with other deer and are bent on boinking off your bumper. I almost boinked one today because not only was it lightly raining it was also very foggy giving the deer a very unfair advantage. Arrgh is all I have to say. I am half way through sock #2, hopefully I can get them about done. Father's Day is either this weekend or next, I've completely lost track of time. If  it's this weekend I'm sorry - if not I'm ahead of the game, I suppose a calendar would be in order. 

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