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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's That Ark When You Need It?

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling a bit damp and squishy these days, the rain is an unending saga at this point. Yesterday it was overcast, drizzled, rained, poured, thunder, lightening, etc. throughout the day. But at one point during the afternoon the clouds moved on, the sun came shining, the temps became instant summer and we got to out out for a big half an hour.  The clouds then promptly moved back in and things returned to status quo. Sigh.  David and  I finally got the grocery shopping done yesterday, we went to Borders and AC Moores, it was just nice having the time to do  these things and not have to sprint through it. We were going to have lunch at Wegmans but they were having some sort of event which involved a very long line so we decided to just head home. We are heading back out today to finish up.I still have not gotten my oil changed, we went to the place we always go in Dickson City and it was shut down, another victim of the economy I suppose - we were both pretty sorry about that though. The guy that ran the shop was really nice and very good at his job, I was very surprised.  Last night was a Torchwood Marathon, yes I've seen them all but I love that show and I was knitting socks so I sat through about 2 hours of it. Then I watched Primeval and caught up on that.  Sometimes a nice quiet evening is the best.

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