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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Workie Workie!

I spent yesterday in one office and today in another - it has gotten to be a bit of a pain because half of what I'm doing is there and the other half is conveniently located in whatever office I am inconveniently not located. Bastards. I'm still a bit tired, Sunday I just slept and slept, last night was a bit of nonsleeper due to the terrific thunderstorms we had all night. Pearl has developed a deep and abiding fear of them recently which lead to her hanging out in the shower with me this morning. Don't ask. She is still enjoying the attentions of the pet sitter which David and I have no clue what we will do about that. When David took this job it was supposed to be the afternoon shift but that dried up immediately and we are both working during the day - no one is home from 7:30 until about 6:30, 7 pm at night and we can't even be sure we'll be home then so for now, the dog retains her much beloved babysitter to romp around the yard with. I'm halfway through the second sock - I thought I'd lost the first one on our trip to Washington,  but it turned out it got caught up in my pajama pants, whew, yeah I can sleep better too.  They're a little big but they're pretty spanky if I must say so myself. Whoo hoo.

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