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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hanging On The Gaylord

We got out of work a little early - I have to admit I thought Washington DC was a lot closer than it actually is, then I remembered we moved. Dammit. It's almost 300 miles from here so we left at 4 and arrived at 9, but given the traffic not so tragic. The Gaylord Recreation and Convention center is HUGE,  you can wander around all day and never leave the place, they have thier own restaurants, shops, a pool, etc. The Bayada awards is a huge deal, 1200 employees were all the guests of Bayada!! - most of the time it was employees only, so spouses and families had to amuse themselves all day - but it's right next to DC  so that's not hard. David chose to just spend the day at the hotel, he said between the art festival, the harbor, the exhibits there was plenty to do. The second picture here I took from our balcony- that's actually INSIDE the hotel, during the day you can see Washington DC and the harbor.  I went to seminars all day and then they had the cocktail party - I got to meet the president of the company (I've actually met him before) and then they had the big dinner. After that the bar opened and everyone that had come along came down for drinks and dancing.  David and I danced until midnight - and a word here since everyone knows we never dance - the last party I went to I sat and watched and realized that 97% of the population can't dance well either - they just don't care. So we didn't care and had a great time. We didn't end up going to the zoo, David' s foot has been bothering him and it's a very long drive back, they had a breakfast buffet for everyone so David and I sat with one of the managers from Florida (at the dinner I sat with Ohio and Virginia) and walked the boardwalk along the harbor edge before heading back. Pearl will stay in prison until tomorrow and the cats were very happy to see us. I'm very tired, it was a fun but long weekend but I have work tomorrow. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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