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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clean Bill Of Health

David has his colonoscopy yesterday, got a clean bill of health and will not have to return for 5 years, much to his relief. This made him feel much better than the person a few beds down being told they had a great big giant colon, in which the health care professional went on and on about it. There are some days it's good to be you. He was given his discharge instructions and told to go straight home from the hospital. He cheerfully informed the nurse he was actually going straight to Friendlys since it was time for breakfast. She pretended she didn't hear him since he was obviously going to be a renegade anyhow and I was a willing accomplice. But in my defense the Friendlys in question is actually right down the road from our house. So David did get his big breakfast, then straight home and slept most of the afternoon. We didn't do too much yesterday, my phone rang a few times, even though my last day was on Friday everyone still seems to think I'm on call - it's a transition thing I suppose. Today we are probably heading out to the Lehigh part of town for a change of pace, the yarn store isn't open but I don't need anymore yarn. I am going to order some stuff knitting related from Amazon, I still have money they will not return so after firing a few emails off to make sure how to order and actually get it, I will be doing that. They are such jerks. I'll keep you posted on whether I actually receive anything or not. And starting tomorrow - I don't have to be to work until 8:30 am - there will be occasional early mornings and late days but for the most part my new boss does not like people staying late - I'm onboard with that! In the next couple of weeks we are busy bees but it's a good busy which after this summer - I can live with that too.

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