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Thursday, September 2, 2004

All Aboard The Orient(ation) Express

No, I didn't take that picture - it's an official one of my hospital and it was easier to snitch it from the net than to drag the camera down and try to take one myself. I'm completely wiped out and have two more days to go - tomorrow and Tuesday. Hospital Orientation has the same je nois se qua as, hmmm, well, having hot pokers stuck in your eyes. I'll be glad when it over - they spend an entire week of giving you Information You Already Know which is balanced out with Way Too Much Information. Jackson's pretending to not like school, but is having a hoot in shop. They're moving metal around for some reason, it sounds more like unpaid labor, but he enjoys it. They seems to spend an inordinate time in there - for such a small school they have multiple HUGE shops - the autmotive shop has two bay areas and there are two more shops of equal size. David picked up the video game Jackson reserved last week - Pikman 2. When he went in with the reciept the Clerk asked if he was Jackson . David said no, he's my son. The clerk wanted to know why David had the recipt. Then he asked to see David's license. I don't blame the guy, for all he knew poor Jackson was bundled up in a closet weeping into the linens while David was usurping Pikman 2 for his own entertainment. Like they say, you can't be too careful. I'm off for Labor Day - the hospital has no intention of paying time and a half for someone who's not on the floor working - it should be fun without having to deal with the summer people this year! The picture after the hospital one is what it looks like if you stick your camera down a fox hole - sort of neat but I have to work on it. The 3rd (View Larger)  is a grouping of wild turkeys (and you thought it was the Smith Family Reunion I bet!!) that hang around our yard sometimes and the last is the house in progress. The heat guys were here today and have to come back again because they put the unit in backwards - but we will have heat!

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