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Thursday, September 16, 2004

At Least Vincent Van Gogh Only Lost An Ear....

Poor Vincent had such a rough day today. David took him to the vet's since the leg and the ear weren't any better. Remember I said our vet was a REAL no nonsense  country vet?  First David tried to wrestle him into the cat carrier, no luck so he just popped the cat in the truck and off to the vets. Dr. Davis had to sedate Vincent with David as the assistant and shaved his leg first. It's not broken but it's a bad bite. Then he proceded to clean the wounds and give poor cat a series of all the shots and vaccinations plus an antibiotic shot for the leg. During this time David and the vet are chatting with Vincent three sheets to the wind and Dr. Davis asked David if he'd consider having the cat fixed, since the cat was already sedated. David thought that was a good idea so Dr. Davis flips Vincent over, straps down his legs, gets a scalpel out AND POPS THE CAT'S TESTICLES OUT AND PUTS THEM ON A NAPKIN ON THE COUNTER.  I sincerely doubt Vincent agreed to any of this. Not to mention I think David would have preferred to ix-nay out of the room before the fixin' part. Vincent is still a bit bleary and I'm sure rethinking his decision to come in our house. That's what he gets for taking candy from strangers! oh, and cough cough. The total cost for shots, fixin' and exam - $65.

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