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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Holy Rubber Ducks Batman!

Boy did we get rain yesterday! 5 inches were reported in this area. The 2nd picture (do view larger) is a manhole cover that's  floating, the water is running so hard out of it. Anyhow, the reason we were out is we had to get our licenses changed  for our insurance and I could only go Saturday.. Before we left I asked David if he had all the papers and he said yes. We got there right after they opened, were the 2nd in line where I discovered David had brought only Jackson's birth certificate, not ours. So, back home we went in the pouring rain. We got Jackson up and got back to the DMV around 11 am -  it was packed so instead of being done in 15 minutes it took almost 2 hours. It gave me time to practice my Glaring Skills on David in any case. And of course there was the Requisite Retard holding up the line. You know, the person that brings all the wrong papers but refuses to get off the line until she's exhausted everyone by having them make phone calls and faxes? And it's always so much fun to be the person after them when they've totally cranked out the person behind the desk. Jackson was the only one who had a good time because they were doing the motorcycle testing in the parking lot next door and now he wants a motorcycle. David dropped Jackson and I off at Boarders after while he went to Home Depot and I got Jackson his own Latte since the last time Jackson ordered an italian soda that he hated and drank all my coffee.Then we went to Sam's Club to stock up on supplies for Skinny Boy. Speaking of boys-  Vincent came back yesterday morning, we're trying to get it through our heads that he survived without us for months so a night out does not mean he's dead. But we really love him - he's such a sweet cat and of course there's the $65 we spent on him - plus he's still recovering from his injuires. But the swelling on his leg is down and he used it a little this morning so he's better. Jackson's very much into reading now, he's a big fan of Poe naturally! I'm back to work tomorrow, the educator told me I've got to do 3 more weeks on days before I go to my shift. I'm still trying to finish up a scarf I started, I was considering putting it aside and knitting something else for awhile, but I know if I do that it'll sit in a drawer making me feel guilty until it's done.

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