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Saturday, September 4, 2004

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye

My first day off in a week(more on that later) and I thought I could stay in bed past 7:30 am. No such luck. I looked over at Charger who was licking his elbow, it was bright red and very swollen. I gave it a push and it exploded so at 7:30 instead of sitting in bed and watching TV I was down in the kitchen trying to find a vet on Labor Day weekend. We found one not far that was open and could get us in at 9 am. I was a little nervous, the vet practiced out of his house which was a bit run down and I don't think anyone had redecorated since the cold war. The vet had graduated from Penn in 1951, there were stacks of papers here and there, the medications were piled on the table behind him, and his computer appeared to be DOS. But it was clean and the vet was amazing. Dr. Davis took one look and knew exactly what was wrong and why, got Charger updated on his Rabies vaccination and  he got to the bottom of the dry itchy skin they've been plagued with the past week. (the former residents with the 6 dogs neglected to take thier fleas with them!). Dr. Davis also does large animal and does not tolorate any dog-nonsense. Charger was the best behaved dog I've ever seen - no peeing, no muzzle, no nothing. I think he sensed this man would not hesitate to off him had he indulged in any of his usual shenaningans. He spent an hour with us and including the flea stuff for both the dogs and cats (that was the usual $45 a pop)the total bill was $120. As to my job, I got a rude surprise that I've got to be at work for the next two weeks at SIX AM. How stupid is that, they sort of forgot to mention it. David's been painting like a wild man. I found a picture i took last month (#3) and put it up so you could see the difference in #4. The heater is up and running, those poor guys had to spend half a day taking it out and turning it around. David attempted to describe the problem to me and Jackson why they had to turn it around, but when he used the phrase "sucks and blows" to describe some heater function I'm afraid he lost his audience's ability to be mature. And of course, Jackson had to ask "is that a bad thing?"

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