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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Get On The Floor? What's A Floor?

If you tell Copper to get off the couch, he moves around in various positions first to see if maybe that's what you want, then he'll lay there until you either give up and sit  somewhere else or push him off. Pushing him off doesn't hurt his feelings either - he just comes back like a bad penny (I guess "Copper" was a good name for him!). Anyhow, I had Monday off and then Tuesday was the last day of orientation. If anyone give you a choice between an 8 hour inservice on Phlebotomy or sticking hot pins in your eyes - tell 'em to fire up the grill. I think even the soles of my feet were numb. The second woman was beyond belief, I thought the guy next to me was going to cry when she did the bit on Phlebotomy Basket Curtesy which after half an hour actually boiled down to just putting back what you used. But some people can go on and on about anything can't they - I myself have been yammering away on this website for months. Today was my first day on the floor - getting up at 3:50 am is a killer, it was actually worse than I thought it would be. I spent the day passing meds and did some blood draws today to get them out of the way. The nice thing was getting out at 2:30pm, but since I've been up before the birds, I'm too much of a Crabby Pants to enjoy it. David took Copper to our new vet today, Dr. Davis, for a rabies booster. David said he called for an appointment and Dr. Davis told him now would be a good time since he was going out in a little while. I think the appointment making depends a great deal on what the vet has planned for today. David's finishing up Jackson's room so hopefully we can get him moved!

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