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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Does This Color Bring Out My Eyes?

Copper, part dog, part plaything. That's the scarf I just finished the other day, not sure what I'll do with it. Anyone want it? I just started making a sweater since I've got an entire dresser crammed with yarn and am trying to use it up before I pass away. I think that will be possible if I can manage to live to the ripe old age of  214.  The rain is coming down in sheets this morning, Jackson will have to stay home. David is still in NY and there's no one to drive him. I would make him walk, but the bus stop is over a mile from the house and he's just getting over being sick, not to mention he would have to spend the day in school with wet clothes. I'm sure it will break his tiny heart. I'm on my last week of dayshift orientation and it couldn't go any slower. Even my preceptor thinks it's stupid - I'm orientating for a shift I won't be on and all the things I'm mastering I won't be doing. I'm trying hard not to be a slacker but I just want this over with. Cats are fine, Vincent hasn't been out in two days. I'm not sure if he was formerly an inside cat or has just simply had enough of the Great Outdoors. I think our neighbors are back - they were on LI too visiting thier daughter out in Aquabogue - they're originally from Levittown themselves. Things are very quiet in the hideout and we are getting to the downside of the beautiful autumn leaves which would be the Not So Beautiful Autumn Leaves All Over The Yard.

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