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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Excuse Me, Someone Left Thier Cat On The Couch

Isn't that hilarious? Everytime Copper comes across Vincent he either points him or sits and stares like he's seeing an alien or something. Otherwise they're  fine and occasionally share the couch like old friends. Vincent continues to improve, he's walking on 4 legs now and the ear seems to be healing up fine. We've been letting Claw outside - David was so mad at her the other night he threatened to give her a gravy rub-down before he put her out. She likes to bite our feet while we're sleeping and that doesn't improve her popularity around here. Jackson's recovering, he does have a cold and complains but still had to go to school. David will be leaving tomorrow in the am but isn't sure how long he'll be staying. Work is ok, I neither like it nor hate it but am getting increasingly tired of the next shift running late. Tomorrow I'm being given the whole group so we'll see what happens. I'm off for the weekend - it'll be just me and Jackson which should be fun. We've already made plans to go out to the chinese buffett on Saturday - anyone interested in joining us?? Let me know!

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