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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?

So, no takers on the scarf? It's made with that furry yarn! Not much going on this week, David is still on LI and will probably be back either Friday or Saturday now. He got held up with the roof he's doing due to the rain and his sister Maryann and her husband Scott will be up from Florida this week. That's been terrible for them, they moved to Florida around the same time we moved and they've had nothing but problems - not to mention hurricanes!! - ever since.  I've got two days left of dayshift, I can't wait for this to be over! I am so tired of being up around 4 am 5 days a week I could just scream. And of course the second I hit the door when I come home half the zoo wants to fed, the other half has to go OUT NOW. Jackson seems to be enjoying the morning bus, he's come home with a few names and is trying to figure out who lives near us. The carpet guy's coming on Saturday so we can finish Jackson's room downstairs and he can move in finally. We'll finish the rest of the basement over the winter I think.

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