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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

There Are Some Things You Just Can't Make Up

I saw this sign and had to take a picture - do you think anyone stood back and actually READ this before they put it up?? I would've loved to have stolen this sign but there were too many people around and I would hate my first crime in Pennsylvania to be for stealing a GAS sign. Jackson's been home from school for the past two days - I think he has a cold and he thinks he's terminal or at least good to stay home for a few more days. Since he was able to play his video games and go on the computer I think he will be ix-nay to school tomorrow. David will be leaving for LI either Wed or Thursday, I'm thinking Thursday since he seems totally unprepared today. Jackson will have to catch the morning bus instead of the dad driving him but I'm figuring he'll survive. Work was tough today, I'm still on orientation, my 2nd day of being on the floor as the RN - the nurse educator Warren is my preceptor for now. I had half the group today and they were a rough crew, not to mention I'm not used to working days when they're all being shipped off for surgery or off to various tests so I was running most of the day. It's all paperwork and protocol that's buggering me up. But on the upside I did get lunch and was only 5 minutes past when I was supposed to leave so it's not all bad. David's been busy all day painting, he left the paint lid on the kitchen table and when he came back there were tiny white footprints all over. Mr. Lee size I might add. Not to mention the evidence of that her toes are all white now instead of black.

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